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The Made in Italy revolution is taking shape

A new idea of style, arisen from the need to revolutionise the concept of Made in Italy around the world.

Style, sophistication, elegance, a bond with tradition: we took the key words of Made in Italy and made them our own.

The result? Made in Italia was created with a different vision: not only to protect the traditions of Italian fashion, but to innovate it by selecting and promoting small companies that represent the excellence of Italian production.

Made In Italia brings the unique style of Italian fashion, an iconic landmark worldwide, directly to your home.

An all-Italian history full of passion

The key features of a product of excellence are attention to detail and meticulous care in production processes.

Our mission: to promote the quality and uniqueness of Italian productions.

A serious task of research and selection.

A journey throughout Italy, from the peninsula's north to the south, to get to know and meet the different manufacturers up close: each with their own characteristics to highlight to give life to a unique and original product.

made in italia scarpe uomo donna

Made in Italy, chosen and selected for you

Made in Italy or Made In Italia?

Did you know that to be sold as "Made in Italy", a product merely has to be finished or assembled in Italy?

For us, this is not enough. Only those products that comply with the values we believe in are certified with the Made In Italia label: they are carefully selected and controlled by our staff, to become part of an iconic and timeless men's and women's collection.

We want to protect Italian know-how as strictly as possible and offer you our products at affordable prices, taking advantage of online sales with no additional distribution costs.

This is why all the collections on our website must meet certain requisites:

  • Be 100% fully produced in ITALY
  • Meet high quality standards
  • No commercial intermediaries

Only by doing so can we guarantee our customers a unique product.

Made In Italia: Elegance. Passion. Love.

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